This page of resources has been compiled to point you to the best affiliate programs, services, tools, and resources!

Affiliate Programs
Make ton$ of money!
FastClick.com One of the best - easy to use and pays well! Many ad formats and types available: banners, leaderboards, rectangles, skyscrapers, popunders (one of the highest paying in the industry), invues, and interstituals. Individual campaigns can be selected for each ad type/format, as well auto-selection enabled; Different display intervals available; Default campaigns can be added (Hint: add popunder defaults from SuperTAF, and banners/skyscrapers from Sara Freeder @ ShareASale!).
TAFMaster One of the best TAF (Tell-A-Friend) services! High-paying, easy to use, tons of features, great customer service! There are plenty of options available for customizing TAF forms/pages and coreg (co-registrations/subscribers) deliveries. TAFMaster also has a rewards program and free content for web sites!
ShareASale has lots of different programs with plenty of different ad formats available. A steady and reliable earner! Try the Sara Freeder program!
PrimaryAds is a newer ad network. Quite a few campaigns - some of them have been performing amazingly well (try the "Win a Laptop", "MemoLink", and "Chocolate Sweeps" campaigns)!
SuperTAF is another great TAF service! They've been around quite a while and are reliable payers. TAF forms and coreg deliveries can be customized. SuperTAF also has popunders which make a great addition to FastClick's defaults.
Freeze.com has an array of some pretty cool screensavers that are consistent earners! Great program!
AzoogleAds is a newer ad network with many campaigns available. Their "smiley" cursors and downloads campaigns perform fantastically!
Affiliate Fuel
An affiate network - not a lot of merchants but there's some good ones.
Commission Junction
Hundreds of affiliate merchants to choose from - make money from visitor clicks, sign-ups, purchases and more!
Get paid per click - generally $0.01 to $0.08 per click, depending on the popularity of the linked keywords.
Pop Up Sponsor
Several styles of popups - $3 to $5 CPM (their $3 CPM popup is really unintrusive!).
Dream Mates
A great service for meeting people - earn $1 per free sign-up, plus $0.25 per sign-up from other webmasters you refer.