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$100 NoteFun FactsJun 8, 200636,2924.0923fun-facts
142857Fun FactsOct 9, 200343,9584.77111fun-facts
1906 San Francisco Earthquake DamageFun FactsFeb 22, 200623,1101.9030fun-facts
$1 US NotesFun FactsJun 21, 200622,4474.205fun-facts
$2 US NotesFun FactsJun 27, 200618,3514.3611fun-facts
50% of Long-Term SmokersFun FactsOct 20, 200330,9043.1534fun-facts
50 StarsFun FactsJun 15, 200332,6311.5634fun-facts
80% of Adult SmokersFun FactsOct 18, 200333,0493.7818fun-facts
Abortion-Related Deaths and Roe vs. WadeFun FactsOct 27, 200321,5432.508fun-facts
Abortions since Roe vs. WadeFun FactsOct 26, 200320,9162.004fun-facts
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President: 1861-1865Fun FactsOct 23, 200627,1423.1119fun-facts
Abraham Lincoln FactsFun FactsSep 14, 2009242,1324.1872fun-facts
Actors for Neo in The MatrixFun FactsNov 5, 200335,9964.0013fun-facts
Ada LovelaceFun FactsOct 4, 200622,0943.7629fun-facts
African AbortionsFun FactsOct 21, 200323,2162.836fun-facts
Agent OrangeFun FactsFeb 7, 200434,6563.4418fun-facts
Americans Views on AbortionFun FactsOct 23, 200319,3943.5714fun-facts
Amiga ComputerFun FactsSep 25, 200617,6554.004fun-facts
A Million RatsFun FactsJul 19, 200623,9533.0728fun-facts
Andrew Jackson, 7th President: 1829-1837Fun FactsOct 23, 200629,8732.8540fun-facts
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Inmate Costs
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Way cool!!!
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