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State of Nebraska Facts & Trivia

Categories: History, Places
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  • Nebraska was once called “The Great American Desert”.
  • In 1927, Edwin E. Perkins of Hastings invented the powered soft drink Kool-Aid.
  • J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day in Nebraska City in 1872.
  • The state nickname used to be the “Tree Planter’s State”, but was changed in 1945 to the “Cornhusker State”.
  • State insect is the honeybee.
  • State motto: Equality before the law.
  • The goldenrod was declared the state flower on April 4, 1895.
  • The Naval Ammunition Depot located in Hastings was the largest U.S. ammunition plant providing 40% of WWII’s ammunition.
  • The Lied Jungle located in Omaha is the world’s largest indoor rain forest.
  • Nebraska is the birthplace of the Reuben sandwich.
  • Spam (canned meat) is produced in Fremont.
  • Nebraska has the U.S.’s largest aquifer (underground lake/water supply), the Ogalala aquifer.
  • Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state.
  • The Union Pacific’s Bailey Yards, in North Platte, is the largest rail classification complex in the world.
  • Nebraska is the only state in the union with a unicameral (one house) legislature.
  • Nebraska was the first state to complete its segment of the nations mainline interstate system, a 455 mile stretch of four lane highway.
  • Nebraska is both the nation’s largest producer and user of center pivot irrigation.
  • Nebraska’s Chimney rock was the most often mentioned landmark in journal entries by travelers on the Oregon Trail.
  • The 911 system of emergency communications, now used nationwide, was developed and first used in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Nebraska has more underground water reserves than any other state in the continental U.S.
  • Marlon Brando’s mother gave Henry Fonda acting lessons at the Omaha Community Playhouse.
  • Lincoln County is the origin of the world’s largest “Wolly Mammoth” elephant fossil.
  • Weeping Water is the nations largest limestone deposit and producer.
  • Mutual of Omaha Corporate headquarters is a public building built with 7 floors underground.
  • The Nebraska Cornhuskers have been to a record 27 consecutive bowl games and 27 consecutive winning seasons
  • The University of Nebraska Cornhusker football team has produced more Academic All-Americans than any other Division I school.
  • In Blue Hill, Nebraska, no female wearing a ‘hat that would scare a timid person’ can be seen eating onions in public.
  • The world’s first college course about radio personality Rush Limbaugh is taught at Bellevue University in Nebraska.
  • Origin of Nebraska’s Name: From an Oto Indian word meaning flat water
  • Nebraska’s Motto: Equality Before the Law
  • Nebraska’s State Gem is the Blue Agate
  • The largest porch swing in the world is located in Hebron, Nebraska and it can sit 25 adults.
  • The world’s largest hand-planted forest is Halsey National Forrest near Thedford, Nebraska
  • The world’s only museum dedicated to Fur Trading is located at Fort Atkinson near Blair.
  • The famous architect, Edward Durrell Stone, designed the Stuhr Museum near Grand Island, Nebraska.
  • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln weight room is the largest in the country. It covers three-fourths of an acre
  • Chevyland USA near Elm Creek, Nebraska is the only museum dedicated to a single line of cars.
  • The largest Kolache Festival in the world is located in Prague, Nebraska
  • Cozad, Nebraska is located on the 100th Meridian where the humid east meets the arid west.
  • In Nebraska in 1986 for the first time ever two women ran against each other for governorship of a state.
  • The cost of the Nebraska Capitol building was $ 9,800,440.07 in 1932. The construction job came in under budget and the building was paid for by the time it was completed.
  • Union Pacific Railroad’s museum is headquartered in Nebraska.
  • Buffalo Bill Cody held his first rodeo in North Platte, Nebraska July 4, 1882.
  • In 1950, Omaha became the home of the College World Series.
  • There are five army forts open to the public in Nebraska: Atkinson, Kearny, Hartsuff, Sidney, and Robinson.
  • Sidney, Nebraska was the starting point of the Black Hills Gold Rush.
  • Antelope and Buffalo are counties in Nebraska named after animals.
  • Dr. Harold Edgerton of Aurora, Nebraska is the inventor of the strobe light.
  • Kearney, Nebraska is located exactly between Boston and San Francisco.
  • Father Edward Flanagan founded Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska in 1917.

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