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Commodore VIC-20 Computer

Categories: Technology
Added: Tue Oct 03 06:16:25 -0600 2006Views: 13,397
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Ada LovelaceWorld's Smallest Computer Program >
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  • BASIC programs running on a fully expanded VIC-20 could use at most 24K RAM. Any extra occupied the memory space used by ROM cartridges, i.e. commercial software like games and other applications. This allowed people to copy cartridges to tape and distribute them to their friends, who could then load the tape into the top 8K of their 32K RAM packs.
  • An anecdotal bit of evidence to support Commodore’s statement that the VIC-20 could be used not only for games but also as a serious introduction to computing, can be said to originate in the fact that a young Linus Torvalds was given a VIC-20 as his first computer. Torvalds later upgraded to a Sinclair QL, then to a 386 PC. Torvalds later went on to write the Linux operating system kernel.

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