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Civilization Computer Game

Categories: Technology
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  • Sid Meier was the third major designer to plan a computer version of Civilization, but the first to actually carry out that plan.
  • Danielle Bunten Berry planned to start work on the game in 1985, after completing The Seven Cities of Gold at Electronic Arts. The success of Seven Cities, however, led Bunten and producer Joe Ybarra to instead opt for a sequel, Heart of Africa. Bunten never returned to the idea of Civilization. Ironically, Meier’s designs of Pirates and Colonization both contain elements of Bunten’s The Seven Cities of Gold.
  • Don Daglow, designer of Utopia, the first sim game, began work programming a version of Civilization in 1987. He dropped the project, however, when he was offered an executive position at Broderbund, and never returned to the game.
  • While it can be difficult to obtain a copy of the original game, one can download a demo here and keep an eye on popular internet trading sites.
  • In the original manual, the Turks are described as one of the available civilizations, but they were replaced by the Germans during development.

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