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Cray Computers

Categories: Technology
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  • As the Cray computers were extremely expensive machines, they were sold in relatively low volumes (compared to ordinary mainframes). Thus, most sites with a Cray installation considered it quite prestigious to be a member of the “exclusive club” of Cray operators. This extended to countries as well. To boost the perception of exclusivity, Cray Research’s marketing department had promotional neckties made with a mosaic of tiny national flags illustrating the “club of Cray-operating countries”.
  • On a similar note as the above-mentioned “club tie”, in at least one instance (a Cray X-MP sold to SINTEF/NTH in Norway) Cray delivered the supercomputer system equipped with the purchasing institution’s national flag mounted on a little flagpole on top of the main unit.
  • Cray employees have sometimes been known as “Crayons.”
  • In the 1970s and 1980s, IBM Corp. and Cray Research competed to be the maker of the fastest computer on earth. Cray won every time: a computer that would eventually break the world record set by a previous Cray was a new Cray.
  • When in 1986 Apple bought a Cray X-MP and announced that they would use it to design the next Apple Macintosh, Seymour Cray replied, “This is very interesting because I am using an Apple Macintosh to design the Cray-2 supercomputer.” Also, when Apple Computer took ownership of the machine they had a party for Apple employees where crayfish were served.
  • The Cray T3D MC cabinet had an Apple Macintosh PowerBook laptop built into its front. Its only purpose was to display animated Cray Research and T3D logos on its color LCD screen.
  • The Cray twins is a slang name sometimes given to the two Cray T3E supercomputers in Bracknell belonging to the Meteorological Office, in reference to the organized crime leaders, the Kray Twins

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