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Water Facts & Trivia

Categories: Miscellaneous
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How much water does it take to process a quarter pound of hamburger?Approximately one gallon.How much water does it take to make four new tires?2,072 gallons.How much does a gallon of water weigh?One gallon of water, at 20 degrees Celsius, weighs 8.33 pounds.What is the total amount of water used to manufacture a new car, including tires?39,090 gallons per car.How many households use private wells for their water supply?17,000,000 households.Water is the only substance found on earth naturally in three forms.True—-solid, liquid, and gas.Does water regulate the earth’s temperature?Yes, it is an insulator.How long can a person live without food?More than a month.How long can a person live without water?Approximately one week, depending upon conditions.How much water must a person consume per day to maintain health?2 1/2 quarts from all sources, i.e. water, food, etc.How many miles of pipeline and aqueducts are in the U.S. and Canada?Approximately one million miles or enough to circle the earth 40 times.What were the first water pipes made from in the U.S.?Fire charred bored logs.How much water is used to flush a toilet?1.6-7 gallons.How much water is used in the average five-minute shower?12.5-50 gallons.How many community public water supply systems are there in the U.S.?58,900.How much water do these utilities process daily?34 billion gallons.How much water does the average US residence use during a year?107,000 gallonsHow much does a US individual use daily?123 gallonsWhat does a person pay for water on a daily basis?The National average is 25 cents.How much of the earth’s surface is water?80%Of all the earth’s water, how much is oceans or seas?97%How much of the earth’s water is frozen and therefore unusable?2%How much of the earth’s water is suitable for drinking?1%Is it possible for me to drink water that was part of the dinosaur era?Yes.If all community water systems had to be replaced, what would be the cost?In excess of 175 billion.What does it cost to operate the water systems throughout the country annually?Over $3.5 billion.

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