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Population of Mexico

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Mexico’s population is 104,907,991 people (July 2003 est.).

32.3% are 0-14 years old (male 17,298,964; female 16,617,728), 63.1% are 15-64 years old (male 32,217,513; female 33,932,603), and 4.6% are 65 years and over (male 2,145,252; female 2,695,931).

Mexico’s population growth rate is 1.43%. The birth rate is 21.92 births/1,000 population. The death rate is 4.97 deaths/1,000 population. The net migration rate is -2.65 migrant(s)/1,000 population. (2003 estimates)

Life expectancy at birth is 72.3 years, 69.26 years for males, and 75.49 years for females (2003 est.).

89% of the Mexican population are Roman Catholic, 6% Protestant, and 5% of other religions.

92.2% of Mexico’s population age 15 and over can read and write (94% male, 90.5% female).

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